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It Takes Two (Pattern on Right Side) by IchigoNeko1997
It Takes Two (Pattern on Right Side)
I just really love the pattern and the stencil from my artwork.... just don't zoom in, my camera has terrible photo skills.
It Takes Two by IchigoNeko1997
It Takes Two

So this was an art piece I had to construct for Art––in 2014––and it was for my Visual Art Class. We had to construct a piece that we felt strongly about and represented something in our lives. I chose my relationship with my boyfriend and the emotions that effect my relationship with him.

It took me 2 weeks roughly although the total of all the spray painting was 6 and 1/2 hours in total. The designing and cutting out the stencils and paper cutouts took up most of the time, and choosing the colours took me a couple of days. Believe it or not, choosing appropriate colours for each emotion is a pain in the butt, aha.

I might end up posting the process that I took, but I have to make the collage of images that show my process first.

Thanks :)

Story / Meaning of Artwork:


    Yin and Yang is symbolised in this piece by a pair of hands cupping a rose. It not only symbolises the balance in my life, but my relationship with my partner, just as the vines symbolise the bindings of a commitment.

    The pink and/or orange vines represent the commitment, romance and energy in the relationship––they bind both the rose and hands together.

    The patterns around Yin and Yang are coloured. Each colour represents an emotion, for example: Orange is energetic, cheeky and playful, whilst purple is confusion, depression and stress.



    Spray-paint, paint and card was used to construct my art-piece. Twelve colours were used and black card was chosen for the paper-cut rose… stencils were used and a wooden board was used for the base.



    I used card to create the stencils for the patterns and the hands. The rose was completely constructed by card, spray-painted for some of the layers to give it a certain effect and then bent or scrunched up to give it the desired effect of coming off the board.



    First I spray-painted the board a purple/black. I then cut out my desired stencils, struck them to the board and played with colours until I was happy with them. Once the patterns were complete, I cut out my stencil for the hands. Then I began working on my rose, spray-painting some parts and cutting out a lot of other parts, before bending it in certain places to give it shape. I also cut out my vines before spray-painting them.

    Lastly, I used double-sided tape to hold my rose and vines in place, completing my piece.



    Hush uses spray-cans instead of paintbrushes, which I have used, but I do not use his techniques (e.g. his use of tags to create layering and patterns) as I have used stencils and paper-cuts to layer.

    Sue Cody’s art style is paper-cut, which is what I have done with the rose and vines. I have also used her technique of storytelling (e.g. symbolisation) to tell my own story, as it is a powerful way to express myself.

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Yeah. I was trying to get my favourites into folders, but I've kind of given up..... :iconsighingplz:

Anyway, my inactiveness has probably unaffected you, which is great, and I have thousands of messages in my inbox (filled with your art, that I am yet to go through––INEED :iconmoarplz: TIME!) And I'm going over to New Zealand (Blenheim) for a month to see my great grandma, so yeah... It should be fun leaving Australia for the first time (IN MY LIFE!)

I'm still working on my stories (Oh so many stories... :icongawdplz:) and my drawing abilities have sort of improved... I might be getting my first novel published once I have the money and complete it, but that's still a few months of work and shit load of editing to do. 

School does know how to ruin your chances of making a future for yourself sometimes.

Oh and I feel overjoyed... I'm learning how to waltz and barn dance (with my boyfriend) every sunday. To be honest, neither of us can dance, but we try :3 We really do....

I've been occupied with little things, which escalates into bigger things. -_- But I will survive and I'll finish my stories.

    _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______

OH.... I almost forgot to ask (good job Rhiannon :iconshakeheadplz: you nearly forgot) Does anyone feel (yes, the word is feel) like drawing two characters for me, if I give you their profiles/ descriptions...? It's bugging me that I can't draw my gay couple -_-
Now I use the word feel because I can't afford to pay you, so you have to desire to do it for free...

If you feel like drawing my duo, then please just note me :) Thanks


IchigoNeko1997's Profile Picture
Rhiannon Jackson
I am an Aussie girl who enjoys doing almost any kind of art... I also enjoy sport and the outdoors. I have no belief, yet I do intwine multiple religions often into my stories.
I'm queer and I have a sense of humour, yet I can be defensive or offensive and that annoys some people.... Also I don't explain properly which also can irritate or confuse people.
I was brought up speaking English, I know a small amount of Italian, a little bit of japanese from watching anime and the odd word from another language.

I enjoy mythology and using my imagination excessively... I also like meeting new people! and looking their art ^^

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